A.A.B.S.  Value-Added Technology and Telecommunications Reseller On Demand Services

In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Value-added resellers specializing in technology and telecommunications play a crucial role in empowering businesses with on-demand services that unlock unparalleled value and propel growth. We will explore the transformative benefits of partnering with a value-added reseller, focusing on their on-demand services and the impact they have on businesses.
A.A.B.S. consultants for technology, telecommunication, software licenses solutions and provides our clients with products and recommendations regardless of size, including cloud infrastructure, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS, Xaas & EaaS.



The A.A.B.S. Mission is to provide second to none resales and support to our clients no matter the size. We are determined to break barriers and inform our clients on new and next gen innovative technologies, while still maintaining integrity, and proficiency through our aligned teaming we are capable of
outsourcing IT, cyber security, software development, infrastructure integrations, e-procurement and volume discounted services as a VAR

Our Teams are what make us unique, adaptive and inspired to continue to serve our community's. Through honesty, transparency and working smart. While we strive and thrive.

We Believe we can make a difference in our employees and customers experience by being resilient and treating every customer and team mate with dignity and respect as we work to provide a new approach to world peace and harmony.

"We treat everyone as we want to be treated"

Courteous, Respectfully, & Kind

"We have the tools to get the job done"

Pricing Table

(As low as )

$ 6 Mo/per user
  • Business Use
  • Digital Account

Cyber Security (Starting at)

$ 190 Hr Min (10hrs.) 
  • Commercial 
  • Online Meeting
  • Penetration Testing

(Starting at)

$ 50 Mo/per user
  • Commercial Use
  • Cloud

"Resources in place, so look no further"

Store all of your Software Subscriptions in one Account

Our Journey

• 2013-2017 A.A.B.S
was founded we provided marketing solutions for
advertising and marketing channels of some of the top brands
such as Nike, Stacy Adams & At&t.

• 2018- A.A.B.S
Re- aligned for a more strategic
approach in customer service & sales. We continued to develop a model that
would consist of sales, marketing, and partnerships.

• 2019- A.A.B.S
Partnered with a Business Development firm, which
consisted of Technology products, financial products, voice and data bundles & telecommunication products.

• 2021- A.A.B.S
welcomed an opportunity to partner with a democratization of technology resources (PaaS) for the
cloud applications and technology services needed to achieve
any unique business goal.