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Google M365 / GWS Migration

Do your best work, all in one suite

G Suite just got better—introducing Google Workspace. As a company, they’ve been focused on how they can make this new hybrid work model support collaboration and innovation, and enhance inclusion and wellbeing for Google employees. They’re especially interested in what is called collaboration equity, or the ability to contribute equally, regardless of location, role, experience level, language, and device preference.

They’ve been experimenting with ways to bridge the gap between the in-person and the “somewhere else” by pushing technology and the physical spaces of campuses to be more inclusive. They’re looking for ways to maximize participation everywhere they can—from personal desk space to conference rooms to group collaboration areas.

Google Chrome Device Management ( Kiosk) 

Managing ChromeOS devices remotely

As an IT admin for a business or school, you can manage Chromebooks and other Chrome devices, from a cloud-based Admin console. You can enforce policies, set up Chrome features for users, provide access to your internal VPNs and Wi-Fi networks, force install Chrome apps and extensions, and more. Each Chrome Enterprise device comes with its Upgrade, so you don’t need to purchase upgrades separately. Devices include Chromebook Enterprise, Chromebox Enterprise, and Chromebase Enterprise.

Enroll Chrome devices
Enroll Chrome Enterprise devices or Chrome Enterprise Upgrades for your standalone Chrome devices in the Google Admin console.
Enforce policies and manage apps
Enforce 100+ policies and settings in the Admin console that will apply when people use your managed devices.
Deploy kiosk and manage guest sessions
Dedicate Chrome devices as purpose-built kiosk apps.

Google Jamboard
by Google 

Collaborative in every way

Jamboard takes the whiteboard to the cloud, delivering a collaborative experience designed to unlock your team’s creativity, in real-time, from anywhere. You can share a jam session with collaborators whether they are on a Jamboard device, mobile app or web browser. People in up to 50 user sessions can work on a jam at once.

Collaborate with any device:
-Create, edit, and share jams from your phone, tablet, or computer.
-Open a jam on a nearby Jamboard from your phone or tablet.
-Connect your computer to Jamboard device. Jamboard displays your screen and lets you control the computer from the board’s touchscreen.
-Pick up where you left off earlier or email your jam session when you finish.

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