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Smarter Technology Solutions
A few of our most popular solutions include:
Unified Communications
Contact Center
Network Security
Disaster Recovery
Internet Connectivity

IaaS, PaaS, MaaS, EaaS, XaaS, DaaS  Business Essentials

Access the tools that will ensure you will get work done anytime, any place. A.A.B.S have teams built to audit your cloud architecture & environment to ensure that it is in line with your infrastructure. We can provide  rapid scale Infrastructure as a service offering with greater agility and options to customize based on individual needs. Backed by vSphere hypervisor’s, NetApp storage, and Cisco UCS blade chassis. 
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Best-Prices for Businesses

 One touchpoint business technology that has solutions for every business regardless of size. Take advantage of our contracted pricing for larger groups to get the best pricing for the solutions you need.
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Managed-Services for Businesses as well as Clud Brokerage Services & Solutions

We can help manage your communications and connectivity services and make sure you are receiving the best prices. Choose from the largest catalog in the industry. We can provide a set of management tools, that provides a series of modular cloud services including computing. 
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